Superior Norwegian Salmon

Nordic Blu is the Greenest farmed Atlantic Salmon in the world. Choosing our high-quality salmon gives excellent health benefits. Therefore, Nordic Blu is the best choice both for you and the planet.



Nordic Blu is raised in the Skjerstad Fjord in Northern Norway above the Arctic Circle by the Salten Aqua Group. The Salten Aqua Group is vertically integrated and maintains control over the whole process of Nordic Blu Salmon, from broodstock to processing. We raise our salmon in net pens where the salmon has space to live a stress-free life. The location is close to unique in an aquaculture context. The fjord is connected to the open sea via the world’s strongest tidal stream, Saltstraumen. The high freshwater content caused by the many rivers that runs from the mountains into the fjord, and the great water circulation caused by the colossal tidal stream, ensure optimum conditions for the salmon.



Nordic Blu is raised in high quality water conditions eating feed that is highly nutritional and free of chemicals, antibiotic, hormones and pesticides. The result is a healthy, natural and delicious salmon.

Nordic Blu is the only marine net pen Atlantic Salmon in the world ranked “Green — Best Choice” by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch® program. With a score of 7.17, Nordic Blu is also the highest eco-rated farmed Atlantic salmon in the world.